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Two months before submitting your PhD thesis


✓ I submitted all of my regular assessments

✓ I stayed in another research environment for at least four weeks

✓ I passed PhD courses at a total of 28-35 ECTS credits. See course registrations

✓ I passed the course in the course Responsible Conduct of Research

Complete the form 'Concluding the PhD'

  • Have your principal supervisor fill in the statement from principal supervisor and scan the statement (no color scan)
  • If an assessor does not have the title "professor" or "associate professor", the CV of the relevant assessor must be submitted in the form, including a list of publications.
  • Fill in the form Concluding the PhD and upload the statement from the principal supervisor. (The nominees for the assessment committee must consent to the assessment work before submission of the form).

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All PhD students enrolled at the Graduate School have a KU user name and login.

Submitting your PhD thesis

Declarations of co-authorship

If a manuscript or published paper has ten or less co-authors, all co-authors must sign a declaration of co-authorship. If it has more than ten co-authors, declarations of co-authorship from the corresponding author(s), the senior author and the principal supervisor (if relevant) are a minimum requirement.

Download: Co-authorship declaration

Email the thesis to the Graduate School

  • Enclose co-authorship declaration for each manuscript or published paper submitted with the thesis
  • Include in the e-mail subject line: The title of your PhD thesis, your name, your date of birth
  • Submit your thesis, including co-authorship declarations and papers if any, as one merged OCR-readable PDF to

How to convert your thesis into an OCR-readable PDF


  • You can only submit one version of the thesis. This version must be the final version. It is not possible to make any changes in the thesis after submitting it to the Graduate School. This includes corrections of content, misspellings or change of layout.
  • You will no longer have access to KUnet and the free software when you submit your thesis.
  • Your thesis must not exceed 40MB. Minimize it by compressing any images or submit the co-authorship declarations in a separate PDF.

Printing the thesis

  • The student is responsible for printing a suitable amount of copies to hand out before the public defence. The Graduate School does not cover any printing expenses, and cannot assist in any way as printing concerns. Contact your department, supervisor or KU’s in-house printing service.