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11 May 2017

Reduction of PhD tuition fee

The Faculty has decided to reduce the PhD tuition fee at SUND.

  • The PhD tuition fee will be reduced from 60,000 DKK to 50,000 DKK annually
  • The reduction applies to all tuition fees charged in 2017 and onwards
  • The reduction does not apply to tuition fees paid in 2014, 2015 or 2016 

Reason for the reduction
The Graduate School charges a tuition fee that should correspond to the direct costs of running the PhD programme. The Graduate School has had a surplus on the tuition fee balance.

The surplus on the tuition fee balance is a result of the following changes: 

  • Record intake of newly enrolled PhD students
  • Technical changes regarding how PhD courses are reimbursed
  • Tuition fees are now collected in batches and not for the individual PhD student
  • Increased productivity in the Graduate School despite the increased intake of PhD students
  • Closing down of the PhD Day and the PhD Graduation Ceremony
  • Closing down of the Faculty’s Research Committee (fees).

What does the tuition fee cover?
The PhD tuition fee covers expenses related to PhD courses, graduate programme activities, financial support for research stays abroad, supervision and thesis assessment, fees to the PhD coordinators, the Head of the Graduate School as well as administration and operation of the Graduate School.

Tuition fee reimbursement
The Graduate School will coordinate a process concerning reimbursements to enrolled PhD students in collaboration with SUND’s Finance department.

Please note that due to the operating principle of keeping a balance between income and costs, the tuition fee might raise again if required. 

Questions in connection with the reduction can be sent to