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25 January 2017

Declarations of co-authorship - new rule applies

In connection with an update of the Graduate School’s "PhD Rules and Regulations at SUND” in the beginning of January 2017, a new rule concerning declarations of co-authorship has been implemented:

  • If a manuscript or published paper has ten or less co-authors, all co-authors must sign a declaration of co-authorship. If it has more than ten co-authors, declarations of co-authorship from the corresponding author(s), the senior author and the principal supervisor (if relevant) are a minimum requirement.

Earlier, the limit was 6 co-authors.

Find the new co-author declaration sheet in the section Submitting your thesis.

If you are about to submit your thesis and experience problems obtaining the remaining co-author signatures, please write an email to the Graduate School explaining the essence of your problem.