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9 things to prepare before submitting your application

1. Agreement with principal supervisor and primary co-supervisor

You must have a minimum of two supervisors attached to your project: A principal supervisor employed at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and a primary co-supervisor with a CV and list of relevant publications. The primary co-supervisor can be employed elsewhere. You are allowed to attach more than one co-supervisor to you PhD project, if relevant. You must have a written agreement with your supervisors before you apply. Learn more about Supervision during your PhD programme

2. Project description (4-6 pages)

This should be done in close cooperation with your principal supervisor. Pay close attention to the mandatory headlines and other formal requirements.

3. Permission from work place

You need a statement regarding research facilities from the relevant head of department, clinic or laboratory confirming that the necessary facilities are in place to carry out the project. And that they will be at your disposal when you start your PhD programme.

4. Funding of your PhD

You need documentation for payment of tuition fee (a person guaranteeing the full amount and payment details). You need a budget (salary, project expenses etc.). If you have any funding letters, please attach them to you application. Learn more about Funding of your PhD

5. Graduate programme affiliation

During your PhD you must be affiliated to a graduate programme. Learn more about the Graduate programmes at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

6. Create a plan for your stay in another research environment

During your PhD programme it is required that you altogether spend at least one month in other research teams, preferably abroad, in order to gain new knowledge and expand your network. More about change of research environment

7. Time and activity schedule for your PhD

Plan for your PhD study period (a short project plan with milestones). 

8. Courses totalling 30 ECTS credits

PhD students must complete coursework or other similar programme elements totalling approx. 30 ECTS credits, which correspond to six months of study.
Learn more about PhD courses

9. Documentation of your qualifications

E.g. your CV and a complete list of your scientific publications (if any). Certified copies of degree certificates and exam diplomas (in Danish or English). The list must be issued by the university where you completed the courses/exams.