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Research Profile 24/02 2017

’Knowledge Is Beautiful’

It was not on the cards that EliteForsk prize-winner Klaus Høyer would become a researcher – on the contrary, in fact. But as he grew older, he developed a fascination for knowledge and a need to ask questions about the way we structure society.

EliteForsk 23/02 2017

EliteForsk Awards for SUND Researchers

Today three researchers at SUND received EliteForsk awards for their work. Two talented PhD students from the Department of Clinical Medicine and the Department of Pharmacy, respectively, each received an EliteForsk travel grant, while the EliteForsk Prize was awarded to a leading researcher from the Department of Public Health.

Gene editing 17/02 2017

Researchers share the recipe for a cheap, simple and effective method for gene editing

Two Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen have just published an article in which they describe a breakthrough in combining two methods using CRISPR technology. The methods make it possible for research to optimise the workflows that are crucial for patients nowadays benefiting from the technology.

Outreach 09/02 2017

DanStem Labs Full of Young Science Talents

On February 6, 20 researchers picked up 60 anxious teenagers at the Maersk Tower and took them on a day’s journey in stem cell research. The day was an example of DanStem's elaborate outreach efforts to young science talents and the public.

EXHIBITION 09/02 2017

The Art of Embracing Decay

We cannot get through life without bumps and bruises, and that calls for repairs. The exhibition KINTSUGI: Golden body repairs at Medical Museion explores repairs of the body focussing on the curious, brilliant and beautiful.

Dentist 02/02 2017

Resin Sealing of Teeth may Replace Painful Drilling

At least 50,000 cavities which every year are repaired by fillings in children and young people may instead be treated by resin sealing. This is the conclusion of a research project from the School of Dentistry at the University of Copenhagen. It is healthier for the teeth and may save dental patients both worries and pain.

CHSP 31/01 2017

New Director of Copenhagen Health Science Partners

Copenhagen Health Science Partners – a partnership between the Capital Region of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen – has appointed an interim director to head the first, important phase of the collaboration.

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