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MRSA 20/04 2017

MRSA Found in Danish Horses

A new study shows that around 4% of all healthy Danish horses carry the so-called MRSA bacterium in their nasal cavity. 401 horses were examined as part of a research collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and Statens Serum Institut. The researchers behind the study were surprised to find such a high prevalence of MRSA, as the bacterium previously has not been found in healthy Danish horses.

Grants 20/04 2017

12 Researchers from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Receive Funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Each year the Novo Nordisk Foundation supports Danish research within biomedicine, biotechnology, general medicine, health services and art history at public knowledge institutions. 12 talented researchers at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have just received funding from the foundation under different categories. We have asked them to describe, using their own words, how the money will be spent and why their research in particular is important.

ERC Advanced Grant 07/04 2017

Prestigious European grant to Professor Maiken Nedergaard

The European Research Council has awarded the coveted ERC Advanced Grant to Professor Maiken Nedergaard. The grant will be used for research in macular degeneration and the relationship with the brain waste clearance system in the brain, the glymphatic system.

Neuroscience 06/04 2017

The Lundbeck Foundation donates two large grants to star researchers in neuroscience

Two of the leading researchers in the field of neuroscience at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, professor Maiken Nedergaard and professor Steven Goldman, receive DKK 40 million each from the Lundbeck Foundation. The money will fund the further development of their ground-breaking research which will lead to improved treatment of chronic pain and degenerative brain disorders.

LIFE SCIENCE 06/04 2017

Clear Recommendation from Growth Team: More Support for Research

Today three ministers and the Government’s Growth Team for Life Science have visited the Maersk Tower at SUND. In the presence of the Danish press the Growth Team presented its 17 recommendations to how Denmark can further develop its position of strength within life science and create more growth.

Grant 06/04 2017

10 Million for Research into Attention and Impulsivity

The Lundbeck Foundation has just granted DKK 10 million to Professor Ulrik Gether from the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen. By gathering experts in basic neurobiology, advanced animal behaviour and psychology he seeks to expand our knowledge of attention and impulsivity.


Senior Citizens Do Not Benefit from Popular Drug

There is a need for new guidelines regarding the treatment of mildly underactive thyroid gland among senior citizens says professor at the University of Copenhagen, after a new study has shown that the most popular treatment of the condition has no effect. In fact, senior citizens would benefit more from accepting the condition or waiting for it to pass.

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