Communication – University of Copenhagen


Head of Communications

Anéh Christina Hajdu
Mobile: +45 21 22 26 92



NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Amalie Vorting KristensenAcademic Officer Visitor Manager in the Maersk Tower responsible for concept and coordination of guided tours and other formats of communication to the public in the tower +45 93 56 58 04E-mail
Andreas WestergaardCommunications consultant Strategic research and stakeholder communication through press, social media and events. +45 53 59 32 80E-mail
Annika Skaarup LarsenService staff   E-mail
Anton WillemannCommunications consultant Student communication, student strategy, internal and external video production, strategic use of social media platforms +45 93 56 53 65E-mail
Barbara Kjølbye ZinckernagelCommunications consultant Editor of the faculty's internal news, newsletter, calendars and info screens. Consulting on and providing internal communications, knowledge sharing and management communications. +45 93 56 54 90E-mail
Beinta Sunddal PedersenStudent Student assistant +45 353-30570E-mail
Cathrine Sixhøj CroneHourly paid student  +45 353-36424E-mail
Charlotte AaboDeputy manager Consult on important strategic communications efforts. Moreover responsible for daily operations focusing especially on internal communication. +45 24 95 97 31E-mail
Christina Juul LassenCommunications consultant Communication aimed at student, recruitment af new students, campaigns aimed at both researchers, students, and upper secondary schools +45 353-27869E-mail
Emilie Caroline ZimsenService staff   E-mail
Jacob Lejbach SørensenCommunications consultant Responsible for video production at the faculty, including creative sparring on and production of management communications, internal and external branding, campaigns and news +45 353-27803E-mail
Klavs RefstrupCommunications consultant Web and social media consultant for faculty departments, centers and schools. Responsible for promoting development in external web operations across UCPH faculties and internal knowledge sharing. +45 353-32257E-mail
Kristine SnedkerCommunications consultant Science communication, strategic counseling and message and media training of scientists and management. +45 353-34186E-mail
Lene Håhr JensenCommunications consultant Student oriented communications; recruitment aimed at student, recruitment of new students, campaigns aimed at both researchers, students, and upper secondary schools +45 353-32071E-mail
Lærke Gade BjerregaardSenior advisor Responsible for intranet (KUnet) at the faculty. Advice on the intranet and the internal communication. In addition, advice on design and visual communication, web and print. +45 353-33647E-mail
Lærke Vilain DitlevStudent Student assistant, Assistant web editor +45 353-33543E-mail
Maise Mæhle BerggreenStudent assistant  +45 353-30148E-mail
Maria Kræmmer BødtcherCommunications consultant Senior advisor and project manager. Stakeholder communication. External communication. Project manager for the faculty Culture Night 2017. +45 29 90 46 02E-mail
Mathias TraczykJournalist Internal and external news and research coverage. Working with the press, web channels and social media. +45 353-30887E-mail
Mathilde Sofia Egede AndersenJournalist trainee  +45 353-34580E-mail
Oliver Wollenberg ChristensenService staff   E-mail
Raheel RajaWeb consultant Responsible for development and daily operations of and ¿ on both faculty and department level. +45 353-37786E-mail
Simon Skipper ChristiansenCommunications consultant  +45 353-36083E-mail